Friday, February 29, 2008

Craigslist Rolls Out new "Phone Verification" Policy

Many Craigslist User's are reporting the rollout of a strict new policy regarding Cell Phone verification before being allowed to post in certain sections. Posters to the "Erotic Services" section report that they are unable to post without first providing a phone number.

Telephone Account Verification

We need you to provide a valid, working phone number so that we can verify your account.

To help enforce our terms of use, craigslist now requires an account verified by phone for posting in certain categories. Terms of use violations will be subject to account suspension and blacklisting of the phone number used to verify the account.

Shortly after entering your area code and phone number below, you will receive an automated phone call during which an authorization code will be provided to you.

Enter this authorization code on the next page, and your account will be verified.

While this will most definitely reduce the amount of spam on Craigslist, the question remains to what effect user's will relinquish personal information to a site that has been empowered mainly by it anonymity. With the paperwork trail that comes with phone numbers, those who may otherwise post will think twice.

Great Blog on the Term "Web 2.0" and ECM

You can read this blog Here.

I myself remember turning around one day to find everything labeled "Web 2.0". Having always been someone who keeps tabs on the new and coming technologies and terminology, the term struck me as a marketing gimmick more than a complete change in fundamentals. We'll see where this leads...

The advantages of Firefox Browser Extensions

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Browsing the web has come a long ways over the years, and though the internet has grown in size and intricacy, it is still possible to quickly and easily do what you need to do. Firefox has many handy features and is extremely customizable. I attribute this to it being open source, meaning that anyone can program for it. This is a stark contrast to Microsoft products, who do not share their code. The open source approach encourages individuals to program, instead of only larger companies. Less barriers to entry; more applications! Not only is this shown in the extensions, but also themes, which are showcased in a free gallery. With lots of customization, its reputation for being stable, and pioneering in the world of 'tabbed' browsing, I highly recommend it.

Download Statusbar

The default setting when downloading any type of file is to pop up a new window and show you the progress. I find this to be obtrusive, and I hate windows popping up while browsing! It is easy to turn this off, but then I can't see how fast my dl's are going, if they are done, and I lose the ability to easily launch them when they are complete. Download Statusbar will pop up on a thin srip of the bottom of your screen, showing the file name and progress, as well as allowing the opening of files with a double click. It is also easily closed.


This is a very handy extension that will not display ads, so as to reduce clutter when browsing the web. It works by maintaining a list of pesky ad sites, and telling Firefox not to render them. The free version of this program does not auto-update though, and the 'bad' list will have to be manually appended every so often, to keep with newer ads. For a great filter list and instructions on how to install click Here!

Google Browser Sync

This is by far my most prized extension! I have a laptop I take everywhere, and a big ole desktop that doesnt so much like to travel. However, when I have GBS installed, my Firefox settings are always synchronized. This means that the browsing experiencing on my PC and laptop are indistinguishable. If I have ten tabs open at the end of my class, and turn of my computer, as soon as I turn on my PC at home, I pick up just where I left off! not only that, but all my log ons and passwords are saved, as well as my web history. Though this does not synchronize extensions, it is still very handy. (It does require a Google account, but everyone should have one of those!)

Those are 3 of my most basic extensions. I have many more advanced ones I love, and if there is enough interest maybe I'll go into more depth! Please comment with any questions!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Palm Treo 700WX Still Competes Two Years Later!

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My Palm Treo 700WX Featuring Window's Mobile has been a reliable companion for the two years I've been using it. With such features as:

Broadband Internet (EVDO)
Easily Navigated Windows Mobile 5.0 Interface
Durable Touchscreen for fast navigation
Direct E-Mail Push Technology
Music and Videos direct from your phone
Remote Desktop Control via Windows Terminal Services or LogMein

...And countless others, I simply cannot imagine running my business without it!

Having used many different Smartphones such at the RIM Blackberry, Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack and of course, Apple iPhone, the combination of features with reliability on the Palm Treo 700WX truly set it above the rest.

Verizon's Wireless sync allows me the peace of mind knowing my data is always fully backed up. Losing a contact list can be crisis which is easily solved within five minutes of receiving a replacement phone.

Used in combination with 3AMLabs Highly Reviewed LogMein program, the Palm Treo 700WX can be used as a remote control to any number of Personal Computers. This free software allows hassle free integration and the invaluable ability to both control and support your business and home computers on the go.

If you've ever needed to connect to the web on your laptop with no WiFi around, the Palm Treo 700WX shines once more with the use of a great program made by JuneFabrics, PdaNet ( This program allows for both a wired connection through the provided USB Sync Cable or even Wireless Bluetooth Dial Up Networking. Compatible with both PalmOS and Windows Mobile, PdaNet can interface with any Windows ME/2K/XP or even Vista based computer!

Without equal, the Palm Treo 700WX is still a well rounded and highly capable Smartphone even two years after it's release.

3AMLabs LogMein provides Simple, Powerful, and Free Remote Desktop

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I've been using Windows RDP for years now for lack of a better alternative. All the other services either don't work reliable, or cost too much. I've been using 3AMSoftware'sLogMein for a few weeks now and I must say, I don't remember what life was like before I found it.

Another key advantage with logmein is the computer being logged into does not lose any resolution settings. Even so, they can be changed with the click of a button built into the logmein interface. Color quality can also be adjusted with one click, from greyscale for slower connections to full resolution for those with faster connections. A handy magnifying glass feature is included when resolution is best left alone yet hard to read.

This software comes in several different versions, only one of which is free.

The Free version is indeed free with no time restrictions, Ad's, or other caveat's that are so often inserted with other "Free" software. It allows for basic remote desktop functions through the LogMein website. This means you can do pretty much anything you could do with windows Remote Desktop except for Drag and Drop or Remote Printing, which is a small price to pay for many of the features it provides.

These features include:
Access from any browser
Access from a wireless PDA
Multiple User Access
A fully hosted service
No need for Firewall, Router, or Proxy Configuration
No Remote PC Admin rights required
End to end 128-256 Bit encryption

A feature comparison chart can be found Here

A link to the Free version of this software can be found Here

Google Free GrandCentral VOIP Service Open to Public for Testing! (Squidoo)

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Straight from Google:
Q: What is GrandCentral?
A: Based in Fremont, California, GrandCentral provides an innovative web-based voice communications platform that helps you manage all your phones and phone numbers through one simple interface. You get a single phone number that forwards to all of your phones, giving you one number for life.

My Opinon:
I Simply cannot believe how this program has revolutionized my business in 2 days. My craigslist business demands the ability to function on the go.
Between my partner and I, 200 active listings is hard to handle on one cell phone!

In comes GrandCentral - All of our phonecalls are now routed to BOTH of our phones completely free of charge! We can easily switch phones Mid-Call by pressing the (*) key.

Compounded with the fact that all calls are recorded and sorted in an inbox accessible from any Flash capable computer, the paperwork has all but disappeared!

The Recording's are of incredible quality, indistinguishable from standard voicemail. With the ability to send those recorded messages in an e-mail, you can quickly forward business leads to the appropriate person.

Voicemail and messages can be checked from any computer after a quick login, No install required!

Have you finally gotten sick of telemarkters, or even that ex-girlfriend that won't stop calling? No problem with the spam feature. Easily add a phone number to your spam list and all calls from that number are:
A. Sent directly to a spam voicemail box
B. Given the "Service Disconnected" Message

Those of you with cell phone providers that allow you to add select phone numbers airtime free can simply add your GrandCentral number to make and receive free phone calls!

From Humorous Free Ringback tones, to a spam Mailbox, this feature laden "Beta" product has worked Flawlessly for me.

Blogger Buzz: GrandCentral: receive calls and post voicemail with your blog

Blogger Buzz: GrandCentral: receive calls and post voicemail with your blog